What is a 5-sided polygon?


A 5 sided polygon is known as a pentagon. In a regular pentagon, all of the sides are the same length, and the interior angles add up to 540 degrees. You can find more information here: http://www.mathleague.com/help/geometry/polygons.htm#pentagon
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A 5-sided polygon is called a. pentagon.
A polygon with five sides is called a pentagon. ChaCha on!
Sides Name. n N-gon. 3 Triangle. 4 Quadrilateral. 5 Pentagon. 6 Hexagon. 7 Heptagon. 8 Octagon. 10 Decagon. 12 Dodecagon.
A 19-sided polygon is an. enneadecagon. (also enneakaidecagon or nonadecagon)
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