What is an analytical report?


An analytical report presents an examination of an issue or problem and proposes a course of action or resolution. Analytical reports typically are researched and prepared by experts, many times by a team of experts.

One type of analytical report functions as a proposal by identifying a particular issue or problem and arguing for a specific course of action to address that issue or problem. A second type of analytical report is more akin to a feasibility study. In this type of report, various possible solutions or courses of action are presented. The practicality of each of these options is discussed.

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Well, start with the fact you probably have lots of data in a database somewhere. You now want to make sense of that data and actually "figure stuff out" based on information
Reporting is about telling others. what happened. Analytics is about trying to work out. why something happened. and ideally. what might happen next.
1. Select a report by clicking on the "Email" button directly below the report title. This can be a standard report or one of your own designed reports. 2. Set up the frequency
An analytical report is where you analyze or evaluate something./
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What Is an Analytical Report?
Analysis of anything is a thorough study of its component parts, leading to a complete understanding of a problem or subject. An analytical report requires the study of a problem and usually makes a recommendation on solving it. Some analytical reports... More »
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