Arctic Wolf Adaptations?


An arctic wolf, also called the white wolf, is a type of wolf species that is able to tolerate sub-zero temperatures. The scientific name of the animal is Canis lupus arctos. They feed on lemmings, arctic hares, caribou and the musk ox.
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The average of an Arctic wolf would be 80 to 120 pounds.
The shoulder height of the arctic wolf varies from 25 - 31 inches. On average, they are
arctic wolf: wolf of Arctic North America having white fur and a black-tipped tail
The arctic wolf is not a species, it is a subspecies of the grey wolf. The scientific name of the grey wolf is Canis lupus, and of the arctic subspecies Canis lupus arctos. Source
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The Arctic Wolf is found in Canadian Arctic, Alaska and northern Greenland. Their habitat is very harsh. They live in sub-zero temperatures and complete darkness ...
Arctic Wolfes live in very cold areas of our Earth. They live in Greenland and Canada and they are rarely seen by humans because of the cold temperatures people ...
The popular of the arctic wolf varies depending on the country. The highest concentration of arctic wolves is on Bafflin Island where there are about 2,100. In ...
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