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An author's purpose is the main reason an author decides to write about a specific topic. It might be to entertain people and make the laugh, to persuade or convince them to believe in some thing, or to inform about something.
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The author of the poem wants the reader to have a clear perspective of the poem by presenting figurative language, tone, imagery, diction, rhetorical devices, and structure to teach's_pur...
1. Read the introductory passage that is printed just before the passage. On standardized tests, this passage is typically printed in italics and provides a summary of what you are
Why You Need to Know Author's Purpose. Most standardized tests have a reading comprehension section, and in most of. those. you'll be called upon to answer questions about the author's
There are three main purposes to an author's work: to inform, to
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An author purpose is the idea a writer intends to communicate to the reader. It could be to entertain, persuade or convince, or even teach. An author is one who originates an idea or concept through written literature.
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The purpose of the author is to get there point across in there works or books. The author will tell you what the purpose of the book of for. ...
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Once More to the Lake is an essay that was written by E. B. White. The purpose of once more to the lake is to share the author's realization of the cycle of life ...
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