What Is a Babcock Clamp Used for?


Babcock clamp is a medical tool that is used by doctors for surgery. The tool is more often used in tubal ligation which is the permanent form of birth control. The Babcock clamp cuts the fallopian tubes surgically to prevent any pregnancy.
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A Babcock clamp is a tool used in surgery. The Babcock clamp is used to grasp delicate tissues such as epididymis, intestine, fallopian tube, and ovary. The clamp is available in short and long sizes.
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1. Insert index finger and thumb into the scissor-like handle openings of the Babcock clamp. 2. Pull your thumb towards your body to remove the lock of the clamp. Spread your index
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For grabbing soft tissue or bowel.
I believe it is a form of an over-center latch, but I don't have that type of clamp around to check. Embed Quote
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