What Is a Baby Cow Called?


A baby cow is called a calf, a term used from birth to weaning. A calf that has lost its mother is an orphan calf, also known as a poddy or poddy calf. However, a young female calf from birth is called a heifer.
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A calf.
One baby cow is a calf. Many baby cows are called calves.
A baby cow is called a calf. A male cow is called a bull. A group of cows can be called a drift.
they are all calves you have either a bull calf (male) or a heifer calf (female)
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A baby Cow is called a calf.
The young one of a cow is called a calf. It is born after a 9 months gestation period at a weight of between 25 to 45 kilograms. As a female calf grows older, it is then called a heifer if it has not yet given birth which happens after the heifer is 2 years old.
Cow is actually the name used to refer to female cattle. Baby cattle are called calves and the male cattle are called bulls. A group of cattle can be called drove, mob or herd.
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