What Is a Baby Fox Called?


In the fox family a baby can be called a kit, pup or cub. The female fox is called a vixen while the male can be called reynard, dog or tod.
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A baby fox is commonly referred to as a kit. There are other names that people use for a baby fox such as cub or pups. When the kit becomes an adult they are referred to as vixens.
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Foxes are small to medium canids with a possessing long narrow snout and a bushy tail. Baby foxes are usually called pups or sometimes cubs or kits. A group ...
A baby fox is called a pup. At times it's called a cub or a kit. A fox is an omnivorous mammal that is slightly smaller than a domestic dog. The wild fox can live ...
A group of fox are referred to as a leash or a skulk. Strange names! The baby fox is called a cub or pup, the female is a Vixen and the male is a dog or tod. ...
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