What Is a Baby Hen Called?


A young hen is called a chick or a pullet, while a cockerel is the name given to a young roaster. Chickens are domestic farm birds, which are found in different breeds and in different sizes and colours.
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baby chick.
1. Set up an isolated living space for your broody hen. You must have a hen that is broody in order to assign chicks; non-broody hens will not take care of chicks or eggs. The space
A baby hen is called a "chick". Thanks for using ChaCha!
An eaglet. Embed Quote
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Male turkeys are called toms, the females are hens and the baby turkeys are poults. These birds are believed to have been brought to Britain by William Strickland ...
A baby pigeon is called a 'squab' or a 'squeaker'. The female is a 'hen' and the male is a 'cock'. A group of pigeons are called a 'kit' or a 'flock'. ...
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