What is a baby lion called?


A baby lion is called a cub. A mother is a lioness, and a father a lion. All live in a social group called a pride, which consists of about 25 members.

After 100 to 119 days of gestation, litters of two to four cubs are born. The cubs are blind for three to four weeks and are born covered with light, spotted fur. Several factors contribute to high cub mortality, including extremely painful teething and starvation, because once the cubs are weaned, they feed last. Cubs begin to hunt with adults at one year, and they are sexually mature at age two.

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a baby lion is called a cub
A male is a lion, female is a lioness, a baby is a cub, and a group of lions is a pride.
1. Use an eyedropper to feed the lion cub Zoologic Milk during the first week after its birth. Zoologic Milk is milk that is specifically formulated for exotic animals, such as lion
A den.
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A baby Lion is called a cub.
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