What Is a Baby Rabbit Called?


A baby rabbit is called a kitten or kindle. Generally, rabbits live for approximately eight to twelve years. Rabbits are usually classified under the family Leporidae and the order Lagomorpha. In the UK, it is estimated that there are over one million rabbits.
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Baby rabbits are called kittens! They also get called kits quite often. They definitely aren't the same as a cat's kittens, but a cat would look really cute with bunny ears.
Baby rabbits are called kits.
Whales typically give birth to one calf at a time, although twin fetuses can occur on rare occasions. Mature females of most species, including humpback, beluga and blue whales, usually
A baby fish is actually called a fry. Odd name for a tiny little fish, not to mention all the puns that come to mind when you call a fish, a fry.
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A baby Rabbit is called a bunny.
A young one of a rabbit is referred to as kindle or kitten. The male rabbit is known as buck while the female is referred to as doe. Rabbit habitats include meadows, woods, forests, grasslands, deserts and wetlands.
Baby rabbits are referred to as Kits. They are commonly bought as pets for young children
a baby rabbit can be called a kitten,or a bunny, or even a kit.
Little baby rabbits are usually called several names. The most popular name is bunny or bunny rabbit. They are also called Daves or Daveys.
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Baby rabbits are most commonly called bunnies but can also be called kittens. Rabbits usually only live for about a year in the wild because they are hunted by ...
The name of a baby rabbit is a leveret. This name is mainly used to refer to a baby rabbit that has not yet one year old. Baby rabbits are also sometimes called ...
Baby rabbits can leave their mum as soon as the babies are weaned, at eight weeks. In any case of domestic rabbit babies, do not remove the babies until they are ...
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