What Is a Baby Rhino Called?


Cattle and rhinoceros share the same names for their babies, males and females. The babies are called calves, the males bull and the females cow. A group of rhinoceros are called a crash which is fitting considering their size and damage they can do when crashing into objects.
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a baby rhino is a calf.
A baby Rhinoceros is called a calf. A rhino calf is between 88 and 140 pounds at birth.
A male rhinoceros is called a bull, a female a cow, and the young a calf; the collective noun for a group of rhinoceros is "crash". Source(s): Wikipedia
A baby rhino is called a calf. The collective name for a group of Rhino's is a crash or herd.
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A baby Rhinoceros is called a calf.
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A baby rhino is referred to as a calf. A baby rhino is usually big when it is born and it is about 0.6m in height and weighs at least 45kg. The calf only feeds ...
Baby rhino's usually weigh around 35 lbs although some weigh around 40 lbs. The most a new born white rhino can weigh is 140 pounds. The weight of a baby rhino ...
A female rhino is known as a cow and the Rhinoceros, often called rhino is one of five surviving species of odd-toed ungulates. They are large thickly skinned ...
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