What is a baby rhino called?


A baby rhino is usually referred to as a calf. A grown male rhino is called a bull and a female is referred to as a cow.

Female rhinos can have one baby every 3 years on average. The gestation period is 18 months, and the baby calf is born weighing approximately between 65 and 90 pounds. Within just a few minutes, the baby rhino can stand and will begin nursing from its mother within a few hours. The calf will continue to nurse for a year and a half, but it will also begin grazing long before that time. The baby will continue to stay with its mother for protection until it is about 3 years old.

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a baby rhino is a calf.
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A group of rhinos is called a crash or a herd. it also doesn't matter what species of rhino you are talking about.
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A baby Rhinoceros is called a calf.
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A baby rhino is referred to as a calf. A baby rhino is usually big when it is born and it is about 0.6m in height and weighs at least 45kg. The calf only feeds ...
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