What Do You Call a Baby Sheep?


A baby sheep is called a lamb and averagely weighs about 6 kilograms. Many newborn lambs die from hypothermia when born in the coldest months of the year. Most sheep will graze for seven hours averagely per day especially around dawn and late in the afternoon.
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Baby sheep are known as lambs, lambkins or cossets. Males are rams and females are ewes.
A young sheep is called a lamb. ChaCha again!
A lamb is, by definition, a baby sheep, so a baby sheep is called a lamb. They are too young to have babies. Therefore to young to produce milk!
Whales typically give birth to one calf at a time, although twin fetuses can occur on rare occasions. Mature females of most species, including humpback, beluga and blue whales, usually
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A baby Sheep is called a lamb.
A baby sheep is called a lamb. They are fluffy and white. Their fleece is white as snow, and they like to jump. They jump straight up in the air.
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