What Is a Baby Swan Called?


Baby swans are called a flapper or a cygnet. The female swan is a pen and the male is a cob. A group of swans are a team or herd. If they are flying they are called a wedge.
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A baby swan is called a cygnet or flapper.
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Swans have always been considered to be the most elegant of birds. There are two different names for a baby swan. The most common one is elegant, too -- a cygnet ...
The young one of a swan is called a cygnet or signet, a female is called pen and a male is called a cob. Swans are splendid heavy-bodied marine birds that belong ...
A male swan is called a cob while a female swan is called a pen. Baby swans are called cygnets or flappers. A group of swans is called a bevy, game, herd, team ...
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