What is a baby wolf called?


Baby wolves are known as pups or puppies. Wolves belong to the same genus as the domesticated dog, canus, and all canine babies are known as pups. In fact, all dogs are descended from wolves.

Pregnant wolves spend just over two months gestating, before giving birth to a litter of pups. The young do not open their eyes for approximately two weeks. Following this crucial period, the pups learn to socialize, walk and eat solid pieces of food. The pups continue to experience physical and hormonal changes until they reach sexual maturity. This occurs within one to three years following the birth of the animal.

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The baby wolf is called a pup.
There is no special name for a baby gorilla. They are just called babies. They are like humans though and have a gestation period of 9 months.
A baby wolf can be called a pup, like other dogs, or a whelp. Wolves run in packs or routs.
The 'runt' or 'piggy'.
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A baby Wolf is called a pup.
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