What Is a Backfire?


A backfire is the escape of gases or fragments of the cartridge when a gun is fired. It is also a fire started towards an oncoming fire to extinguish it. A backfire is also the failure of a plan or activity to have the expected results or effects.
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(of an internal-combustion engine) to have a loud, premature explosion in the intake manifold.
to bring a result opposite to that which was planned or expected: The plot backfired.
to start a fire deliberately in order to check a forest or prairie fire by creating a barren area in advance of it.
(in an internal-combustion engine) premature ignition of fuel in the intake manifold.
an explosion coming out of the breech of a firearm.
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Cars backfire for a number of reasons. One is because of a buildup of pressure, another is because it is dumping too much fuel (in carbureted cars).
1. Open the top of the fuel tank and look inside for low fluid levels. Change the fuel if it is stale - over a month old - or there are signs of water in the gasoline. 2. Touch the
Backfires are almost always caused by a leak in the exhaust system, usually somewhere close to the cylinder head. Also check your mixture is OK. Running lean will sometimes cause
1 Start your vehicle and bring it to operating temperature. Ad
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