What Is a Ball Tip Steak?


A ball tip steak is a piece of beef that is cut from the loin of a cow. It can be prepared by grilling though it should be marinated before hand to make it more delectable. You can also prepare the steak by the using the cooking method known as braising.
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A very economical steak that is great for grilling. This is a regional cut that is very popular in Michigan.It comes from the loin area.
Choose a good quality steak to ensure tenderness and flavor. Look for a steak that has small veins of fat running through the meat. USDA Prime and USDA Choice are the best grades,
1. Prep the steak. Dry the steak well with paper towels, then brush a light layer of vegetable oil over it. Rub in spices, cover loosely, and let sit for an hour. 2. Fire up the grill
Tri-Tip Steak is cut from the section of the sirloin primal. It comes from the point where
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