What Is a Banty Rooster?


The term Banty Rooster is used informally to refer to a short or small, and, often, aggressive person. This word could also refer an individual who boasts a lot, has a lot of pride and is arrogant. This term could alternatively be used to refer to a small fowl.
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Banty is short for Bantam. The old folks back in the day just always call Bantam Roosters, "banty" roosters. In addition this term is used to describe the behavior of some
Bantams are about 1/4 the size of what is considered a "regular" chicken. They are sometimes
"Banty" is short for bantam rooster. In reference to a person, it means someone of small size but aggressive and spirited. See definition for bantam below: ban·tam(
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Banty or Bantam Rooster refers to any of the several breeds of small domestic fowl that are usually miniature members of larger breeds. The word may also refer ...
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