What Is a Barn Dance?


A barn dance is any type of dance held in a barn and involves folk music with traditional dance moves. This dance originated in America but it is hugely popular in Britain. Some dialects call it a rave or a kegger and it is mostly family or community oriented.
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barn dance
a social gathering, originally held in a barn, and including square dances, round dances, and hoedown music.
any party featuring country dances, dress, music, etc.
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A barn dance is a type of an American social dance generally held in a barn and featuring several dance forms. It is also known as square dancing and it is commonly used in places with parties or in different events for entertainment.
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1. Decide on a location for the dance. Typically, large warehouses or barns are used because of the space requirements for group dancing. 2. Hire a D.J. or if the budget is larger
A Barn Dance is when students learned to square dance, contra dance...
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barn dance: a dance party featuring country dancing
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A Barn Dance, also known as a Hoedown or Ceilidh (Kaylee), is a mix up of dances done in differing patterns. There are no special or specific clothes or shoes ...
Folk dances are dances performed to traditional music. The dancers do not need professional or formal training. The types of folk dances are clogging, barn dances ...
Although most associate Square Dancing with hillbilly barn parties, it actually began in 1816 with the Scottish upper class. Circle dances, country dances, reels ...
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