What is a barometer used for?


A barometer is used to measure atmospheric pressure. Atmospheric pressure is a measure of the amount of force air exerts onto the earth as it is pushed down from the atmosphere. Another term for atmospheric pressure is barometric pressure.

Air pressure is a reliable weather predictor. Lower air pressure is usually an indication of rain. Likewise, the higher the air pressure, the more likely the chance of sun. Since lower elevations tend to have higher atmospheric pressures while higher elevations have lower ones, barometers must be calibrated specifically for the elevations in which they're located. Although mercury was originally used as the weather indicator in barometers, it has been almost completely replaced by aneroid barometers due to the highly toxic properties of mercury.

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What Is a Barometer Used For?
Barometers are instruments that measure atmospheric pressure, also commonly called air pressure. One of the most critical components of the weather system, air pressure readings allow meteorologists to forecast everything from storms to sunny days.... More »
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A mercury barometer is an instrument that is used to measure pressure by the height of a column of mercury. It is designed as a mercury filled glass in which the ...
Barometers measures the pressure in the atmosphere. The two types of barometers are the mercury and the aneroid. While the mercury barometers are simple the aneroid ...
A barometer is a measuring instrument that can measure pressure changes in the atmosphere. A barometer is used by meteorologist to help forecast the weather. ...
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