Barrel Vault?


A barrel vault is a roof that has a curved semicircular section. It is normally used to span large distance in a railway station and also in church construction. The structure is usually supported with a number of columns.
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barrel vault
a vault having the form of a very deep arch.
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1. Draw a diagonal line. Draw a diagonal line. 2. At the bottom of the diagonal line, draw a curved line. At the bottom of the diagonal line, draw a curved line. 3. Add two straight
n. A simple continuous vault, typically semicircular in cross section. Also called tunnel vault , wagon vault .
1. Install drywall to all of the studs up the barrel vault until you reach the archway. Screw the 1/4-inch drywall to the studs with a power drill and drywall screws. Insert one screw
A barrel vault is a structure that spans an open area. It is a ceiling that is like half of a cylinder. Take a soup can and cut it in half from the top to bottom, and then look inside
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The Barrel Vault Construction originated from ancient Egypt. The vaults were adapted and mainly used in the making of Roman architecture and castles, monasteries ...
The Romans were the first civilization to make use of a modern day equivalent to Concrete in the construction of their arched and domed buildings. ...
barrel vault. ...
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