What Is a Barrio?


Barrio is a Spanish word that is generally considered to mean district or region. The term is also used to indicate a subdivision of a municipality. In other countries such as Philippines, the term is used to refer to a rural village.
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[bahr-ee-oh, bar-; Spanish bahr-ryaw]
(in Spain and countries colonized by Spain) one of the divisions into which a town or city, together with the contiguous rural territory, is divided.
a part of a large U.S. city, especially a crowded inner-city area, inhabited chiefly by a Spanish-speaking population.
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Barrio is a slang word for different parts of the country. In America, the New York area can be found using the word. Low income neighborhoods get described with this word.
Barrios:1:a Spanish-speaking quarter in a town or city (especially in the United States) 2:an
"Barrio Boy" by Ernesto Garza, depicts the experiences of a boy from a small town in Mexico who emigrates to the United States.
(b Granada, 1882; d Madrid, 1964). Sp. violinist; composer for orch. and the stage, also of gui. mus.
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Barrio Boy by Ernesto Galarza is an autobiographical account of the author's cultural transition from a small Mexican village to a Barrio in California. Throughout ...
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