Bates Numbering Stamp?


Bates stamping is a process that is mostly used in the business, medical and even legal professions to identify numbers on images and documents as they are processed or scanned. This process helps in the detection and guarding of images.
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What Is a Bates Stamp?
A Bates Stamp is a manual or automatic stamp which is used most often in the legal field to number or date sequential pages of documents for identification purposes. Bates stamping, or Bates numbering, are common terms used to describe this process.... More »
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1. Open Adobe Acrobat Professional. 2. Click the "Advanced" tab on the menu bar at the top of the screen and select "Document Processing. Select "Bates Numbering
There are many software available for use with Bate Stamp. Some include Bates Professional and Bates Platinum. Some are available for electronic use only such as the Bates Electronic
Bates stamping is a system of marking documents with unique numbers.
Take a dully sharpened pencil and begin turning the numbers forward. When you hit zero on each dial, push in slightly and the zero should sink into the device. Do this for each number
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1. Download one of the many Bates stamp applications available at websites such as the link under "Resources. If you are using Adobe, a picture/image management ...
A more effective identification method is through digital stamping on computers. Bates stamping was commonly used to identify dates and times on documents. ...
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