What Is a Bay?


Bays are areas of water that are mostly surrounded by land masses. The bays generally do have waters which are calmer than those of the surrounding sea. This is because of the land blocking some of the waves thus reducing winds.
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A bay is a small body of water forming an indentation of the shoreline, larger than a cove but smaller than a gulf. A wide sweeping inlet, usually in a circular shape. Botany Bay,
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a body of water forming an indentation of the shoreline, larger than a cove but smaller than a gulf.
South Atlantic States. an arm of a swamp.
a recess of land, partly surrounded by hills.
an arm of a prairie or swamp, extending into woods and partly surrounded by them.
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A Bay refers to a water body area that is surrounded mostly by land. The word can also refer to an enclosed place used for keeping horses. The word bay is one of the words with numerous meanings and can also mean a recess in a wall.
A bay is a big body of water that is surrounded by land, but it has a wide mouth. The wide mouth works as an access point from the bay to the sea.
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