What Is a BBM Pin?


A Bbm pin is an eight digit code which can be used as a method of adding contacts in BlackBerry Messenger for the Blackberry Smartphone. The alpha-numeric code is assigned to every device and most users utilise it as an easy way to send instant messages to each other.
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He would keep his BBM PIN private. To even access his PIN you need a security clearance of a certain level. report this answer. Updated on Sunday, February 05 2012 at 09:17PM EST.
I was not able to find Rapper Drake's BBM Pin, there are many speculations but
They won't talk to you. I had TI's personal cell number, pretending to be his agent and got like one response from him.
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What Is a BBM PIN?
The BlackBerry personal identification number is a feature that allows you to communicate with other BlackBerry owners by using a dedicated application, the BlackBerry Messenger. Preinstalled on all BlackBerry phones, this proprietary application allows... More »
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