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A beadle is a minor church official who assists in religious functions. They mainly perform roles such as ushering, maintaining order and making reports in some ceremonial duties. Beadle is sometimes used to refer to uniformed security guards.
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a parish officer having various subordinate duties, as keeping order during services, waiting on the rector, etc.
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A beadle is a minor, uniformed parish official. He ushers, keeps order, and serves as an attendant to the minister. A beadle can also be a warrant officer, specifically in London.
A beadle is typically a person who is in charge of doing things for the rector in church. This person is also responsible for keeping everyone in order. Another definition for a beadle is a sexton.
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The beadle was a minor parish official responsible for various duties, including keeping
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A parish officer having various subordinate duties, as keeping order during services. ...
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