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A beard is described as the collection of hair that grows on the cheeks, neck and on the chin of a person. It is one of the secondary sexual characteristic in men during puberty although it can also grow in women who have hirsutism.
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n. The hair on a man's chin, cheeks, and throat. A hairy or hairlike growth such as that on or near the face of certain mammals. A tuft or group of hairs or bristles on certain plants
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the growth of hair on the face of an adult man, often including a mustache.
Zoology a tuft, growth, or part resembling or suggesting a human beard, as the tuft of long hairs on the lower jaw of a goat or the cluster of hairlike feathers at the base of the bill in certain birds.
Botany a tuft or growth of awns or the like, as on wheat or barley.
a barb or catch on an arrow, fishhook, knitting needle, crochet needle, etc.
to seize, pluck, or pull the beard of: The hoodlums bearded the old man.
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A beard is a type of facial hair that usually covers the entire lower part of the face. Some bears are trimmed to only cover the chin, or other areas of the lower face.
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