What Is a Beauty Pageant?


A beauty pageant is a contest based mainly on the physical beauty of its contestants. Sometimes, such contests often incorporate personality, talent and answers to judges' questions to be used as assessment criteria.
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A beauty contest, or beauty pageant, is a competition based mainly on the physical beauty of its contestants, although such contests often incorporate personality, talent, and answers to judges' questions.
A beauty pageant is a contest where woman compete and are judged on talent, bathing suits and evening gowns as well as looks. Some of the more popular beauty pageants are Miss America and Miss World. You can find more info at: en.wikipedia.org
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Some people feel beauty pageants are bad because the objectify girls and women. People should not be judged on their weight and looks, but on their personality and kindness. Beauty
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1 Search online for all beauty pageants where you think you are eligible. You might be eligible to enter more than one kind of contest. For example, some married women, looking to
The major beauty pageants (Miss America, Miss USA) are scholarship
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