What Is a Beechnut?


A beechnut may refer to any of the small sugary triangular nut of any of various beech trees. These nuts are often collectively termed as beech mast, especially when lying on the ground. Majority of the nuts are normally brown in colour.
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the small, triangular, edible nut of the beech.
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beechnut: small sweet triangular nut of any of various beech trees
(bēch'nŭt') n. The small, three-angled nut of a beech tree.
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Beechnut is a term that is used to describe a small triangular brown fruit that comes from the beech tree. This fruit is normally used in making breads because ...
To identify a Beechnut Tree can be done by looking at the leaves which are toothed spiked. The bark of the Beechnut is a light shade of gray and is smooth to the ...
Beech-Nut Chewing tobacco is tobacco that you actually can chew.This satisfys ...
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