What Is a Beekeeper Called?


A beekeeper is also called a honey farmer or apiarist. The beekeeper owns the hives or boxes as well as associated equipment. The bees are usually free to leave their hives to forage as they desire.
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A beekeeper is also referred to as an apiarist. This is a person who cares for and raises bees for commercial or agricultural purposes. An apiarist is also referred to as a farmer who keeps bees for their honey.
A beekeeper is a person who keeps bees for the production of honey, pollen and beeswax. Beekeepers are also referred to as apiarist or honey farmers. The location where a beehive is kept is called an apiary.
A person who keeps bees, specifically one who cares for and raises bees for commercial or agricultural purposes is called an apiarist. The place where bees and beehives are kept, especially a place where bees are raised for their honey is called an apiary.
Beekeepers can be called several things. They can be called honey farmers or apiarists. They can collect honey, beeswax or pollen or raise queens and bees to sell to other farmers.
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An apiary.
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he's called a beekeeper, or an apiarist. sometimes he's called other things by people stung by the bees. we won't repeat those here. Source(s): am one
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One of the jobs of a beekeeper is to build beehives for bees. They also manage colonies of bees to facilitate adequate harvesting of their honey. Beekeepers also ...
Beekeepers are also called honey farmers or apiarists. Beekeepers keep honey bees in hives or boxes. The bees kept are usually free to look for food or basically ...
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