What Is a Beer Keg Made of?


Beer kegs are cylindrical shape stainless steel or aluminium, with one single opening on one end and tube called a spear extending from the opening to the other end. Beer kegs have a capacity of less than forty litres and are used to transport beer.
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Aluminum. Although there are still a few breweries (Miller) who also use rubber-coated kegs, although the inner drum is still aluminum. There are also wooden casks, although commercially-sold
Beer kegs are made of stainless steel. They used to be wooden! Thanks,
1. Position the keg in a cool cellar and attach it to a gas assisted pump and piping which runs all the way to the serving area. This is the best way to keep the keg cool without
1. Disassemble the beer keg. To clean a keg thoroughly, each piece will need to be taken apart. The lid can usually be lifted off easily by squeezing and lifting the retaining bail,
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A keg is a small barrel usually made from aluminum or steel. Kegs are used to store, transport, and serve beer. They must be kept in the upright position. How ...
The average price for a keg of beer varies depending with the brand names. Some of the brands available include Carlsberg which costs an average of £105.00 ...
A keg of beer holds 1984 ounces of beer. That converts to 15.5 gallons of bee in a keg. If you would like to see further conversions please visit this site . ...
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