Biotic Factors in a Forest Ecosystem?


Biotic Factors in an Ecosystem relate to life and they are referred to as living factors or organisms. The Biotic Factors depend on producers, consumers or decomposers. Examples of Biotic Factors may include; plants, fungi, animals, protein and bacteria.
Q&A Related to "Biotic Factors in a Forest Ecosystem?"
The biotic factors of an ecosystem are the living factors - anything that lives within the ecosystem. The actual factors vary.
The Arctic ecosystem has a unique, complex food web that is fashioned
Primary producers are also known as autotrophs, or self-feeders, as they make their own food by using abiotic ingredients such as sunlight. They provide food for other living things
Without even reading for the class you should be able to answer the question in fairly simple terms. Biotic, meaning having to do with life, and abiotic, things that are not biological
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