In prospecting, what is a bird dog?


A bird dog refers to someone who works in prospecting and finds all of the leads that an investor needs. Prospectors look for and find properties that will work best for their investors.

The term "bird dog" is used because these people work to scare the properties out of the weeds, much like a literal bird dog would do with birds. They sort through all of the properties and find the ones that will make the best investment. They work closely with their investors, with realtors and with people who are trying to sell their properties.

These bird dogs are able to find the best properties at the lowest prices. They often find places that are destroyed because they are at a low price. They can recognize the potential that these properties have and are able to find the best ones.

The amount of money that bird dogs make depends on the company or the investor they are working for. Some investors choose to pay their bird dogs a flat rate for simply doing the work. Investors can also choose to give the bird dogs a predetermined percentage from the sale of the investment property. While it is not unheard of, bird dogs are often not paid by the hour because the work that they do can take hours — even days — to find the right properties.

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