What is "Bird Dogs" in prospecting?


A "bird dog" is a person who flushes out prospects for a sales representative in the same way a literal bird dog helps draw out birds for hunters. Typically, a bird dog is paid a referral fee by the salesperson after the referral or close of a sale.

The relationship a sales rep has with bird dogs varies. Some bird dogs receive no formal training or direction from the sales rep. Others participate in informational meetings or training sessions to learn how to identify and communicate with specific prospects. The goal of bird dogging is to enable salespeople to grow their client bases more quickly than they could if prospecting alone.

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also bird·dog ( bûrd'dôg', -dŏg' ) v. Informal , -dogged , also -dogged , -dog·ging , -dog·ging , -dogs , -dogs . v.intr. To follow a subject
A bird dog is a dog that is used to retrieve game birds. You call, we text.
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