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A bisector is a mathematical term in geometry used to refer to a line or curve that divides a line segment, angle, or other figure into two equal parts. In triangles, the angle bisectors are concurrent and intersect at the incentre.
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[bahy-sek-ter, bahy-sek-]
a line or plane that bisects an angle or line segment.
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A bisector is an item and or line that crosses over one another. This term is used in math frequently and can also be used when objects cross over one another.
A bisector is a line that divides geometric items into two equal parts. There are line segment bisectors and angle bisectors. A line segment bisector goes though the middle of the segment, and an angle bisector divides one angle into two equal angles.
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A bisector is a specific line used a lot in mathematics when learning geometry. A bisector basically bisects, or cuts in half, a line or angle.
1. Find the two endpoints of the segment. For this example, the segment's endpoints are (2,2) and (6,6) 2. Calculate the segment's midpoint using the midpoint formula. Add the x values
Bisector is a straight line that bisects an angle or a line segment...
Definition: An angle or a line is bisected when they are cut into two equal parts. The line cutting the angle or line into 2 equal parts is referred to as the bisector. To bisect
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A bisector is any line that bisects an angle. In math there are angle bisectors, right bisectors, and perpendicular bisectors. I'm afraid that's all I've got. ...
A bisector is a ray or a line that divides an angle or a segment into two identical fractions. A segment bisector constantly goes through the middle of a line ...
To bisect something is to divide it into two equal parts. An angle bisector is any line or ray that divides an angle in half so that every point on the bisector ...
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