What Is a Bistable Device?


A bistable device is the foundation of digital electronics. It is a device that can be in one or two different forms such as on or off, pulse or no pulse. An example of such devices includes the organic bistable device.
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A bistable device is the foundation of digital electronics. A bistable device is a device that can exist in one of two possible states,which could either be on or off.
( ¦bī¦stā·bəl mag′ned·ik ′kör ) (electronics) A magnetic core that can be in either of two possible states of magnetization
Flip-flops, also called bistable gates, are digital logic circuits that can be in one of two states. Flip-flops maintain their state indefinitely until an input pulse called a trigger
MTP is used on some portable MP3 players, video players and cellphones to transfer or sync content to and from media applications. MTP mode enables you to sync content automatically
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