What is a bitter person?


A bitter person is someone who gives off the impression that they are angry at the world. Bitter people often have little sympathy for others, as they feel that life has handed them a bad situation that is never going to get better. Bitterness often develops after divorce or job loss, and it is also a common personality trait among victims of childhood abuse.

Bitterness is often coupled with depression, and bitter people often have the attitude of, "why bother?" It is common for a bitter individual to project their anger onto others in both passive aggressive and direct ways. A bitter person tends to find the worst in every situation, especially in the achievements of others.

Bitter people are not born bitter. Many bitter people have faced difficult challenges in life and simply see the world in a negative light. A common problem bitter people face is that they alienate friends and loved ones to the point where they no longer communicate with them, and this makes life even more miserable. Studies show that bitterness can lead to a change in metabolism, leading to poor sleeping habits and ill health.

When dealing with a bitter person, it is always best to remain positive. Bitter, angry people can be toxic to those around them, and it is common for a positive person to feel emotionally drained and exhausted after engaging in a conversation with someone who is unhappy and negative.

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