Blob Fish Facts?


A Blob Fish is a type of fish mainly found off the Australian coast and Tasmania. The Blob Fish are quite rare given that they live at a depth of nearly 800 metres below sea level.
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The blob fish (Psychrolutes marcidus)is a fish which has made its dwelling in the deep waters off's-a-blob-fish
"Blobfish eat invertebrates like crabs and sea pens. Secondary at least or perhaps tertiary.
Nothing they just die like ants when you stand on them die ants die muahaha hannah
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Blob fish are well known to be dangerous, because they are covered in a solid sticky slime that is toxic to those who touch it. It is a deep sea fish that can ...
Blob fish live deep in the sea and are rarely seen by humans. The main food source for Blob fish is mollusks and sea urchins. ...
The blob fish does not have any natural predators. However, it is soon to become extinct because the fish lives on the level as many crustaceans, and is therefore ...
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