What Is a Blockbuster?


Blockbuster is a word used in the film industry to represent a production that has performed beyond expectation. This is measured in terms of screen average, drop-off rates, profits made and awards and accolades received. Visit Film Site website to see the top 100 blockbusters according to that website.
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blockbusting-busniess practice of US real estate agents and building devlopers.
The Federal Fair Housing Act, also known as the Civil Rights Act of 1968, specifically prohibits the practice of blockbusting in real estate transactions. Blockbusting has been in
n. a huge aerial bomb capable of destroying targets within a wide area. See the Introduction, Abbreviations and Pronunciation for further details.
Both. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part II. and. Transformer: Dark of the Moon. were released in July and have had amazing box office results over the summer. Harry Potter
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an aerial bomb containing high explosives and weighing from four to eight tons, used as a large-scale demolition bomb.
a motion picture, novel, etc., especially one lavishly produced, that has or is expected to have wide popular appeal or financial success.
something or someone that is forcefully or overwhelmingly impressive, effective, or influential: The campaign was a blockbuster.
a real-estate speculator who practices blockbusting.
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Blockbuster is a term that is used in the film industry. It denotes a popular or successful film/ movie or a very popular or successful production. Some great block busters include, Star wars, the sound of music and sleepers among others.
Blockbuster refers to something that is of great power and strength in particular. This word could also refer to a book, a play, a movie, or any other thing that has an extraordinary success in terms of commercial success and popularity.
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