What Is a Blue Chihuahua?


A Blue Chihuahua is a breed of dog that belongs to the Chihuahua family. The dog is not exactly blue but has a greyish colour that appears to have a smattering of blue in it. This breed is a result of a combination of genetic variance.
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Blue chihuahuas can be all blue or have two-color combinations such as blue and white. The gray color in their coats can be patterned or a component of a multicolored coat. Blue chihuahuas
Blue Chihuahuas are bred to have a dull silver-grey-coat w/ a tinge of blue. In
It has grey hair, often described as 'blue' in pets (such as the Russian Blue cat) It's decidedly uncommon in Chihuahuas, but not especially valuable - unless you decide you want
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What Is a Blue Chihuahua?
No, a blue chihuahua isn't a cute lap dog with emotional issues. The term "blue" is often used by animal breeders to denote gray fur color. Chihuahua's come in many different colors and coat textures. Blue chihuahuas are not seen in the population as... More »
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How much a blueÿchihuahua costs will vary depending on the quality of dog and where the dog is purchased. A Blue Chihuahua ...
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