Supergiant Stars?


Blue supergiants star is a type of star characterised as an O-type spectrum, or B-type spectrum. This star is extremely hot and bright, with a surface temperature ranging from 20,000 to 50,000 degrees Celsius. The best known example of such stars is Rigel, the brightest star ever in the constellation of Orion.
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Blue Supergiant stars [See Link] are extremely hot and bright, with surface temperatures of 20,000-50,000 K. They typically have 10 to 50 solar masses and can have radii up to about
Massive stars are defined as those that have a mass at least three times that of the Sun. Some of them have as much as 50 times the mass of the Sun. The more massive a star, the quicker
The brightest star in constellation Leo & the 21st brightest star in
Rigel, a star that is well beyond the current range of accurate parallax measurements; spectroscopic estimates place its distance between 700 and 900 light-years. Source(s) http:/
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A Blue Supergiant is a term used in astronomy to refer to an extremely hot and bright star with surface temperatures of between 20,000 and 50,000 degrees Celsius ...
Alnilam is a large blue supergiant star which is in the constellation of Orion. Its Flamsteed designation is 46 Orionis. It is considered as the 30th brightest ...
'Red super giants (RSGs)' are supergiant stars of supernatural type K or M. They are the largest stars in the universe in terms of volume, although they are not ...
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