What is a blue title?


A blue title is an official record of ownership of a motor vehicle that is printed on blue paper. In some states this format means the car is salvaged. Other states consider blue paper to just be the color used at the time for official documents.

A blue title is issued for a car at the time an owner requests a copy or when the vehicle changes ownership. This occurs during a sale, when a title is lost or damaged and in cases in which a car is being handed over to a dealer or demolition yard. Any point at which a vehicle needs to be transferred from one person to another with complete rights to the automobile must be accompanied by a title transfer.

States including Texas and Nevada print blue title documents to indicate that the associated vehicles are salvaged or cannot be repaired. This causes the value of the vehicle to plunge and means it cannot be registered to drive on state roads. A salvaged car or truck requires documentation for insurance and licensing purposes that clearly denotes the fact that the vehicle is damaged. Choosing to print blue title documents makes it difficult for buyers to accidentally purchase a lemon or mistake a salvage vehicle for a pristine one.

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