What Is a Bluff in Geography?


In geography, a bluff is a very stiff headland or cape that is formed as a result of river erosion usually on the outward bend of a meander. Erosion is the eating or wearing off of rocks found on the river beds by water. It can occur vertically or laterally.
Q&A Related to "What Is a Bluff in Geography?"
The word bluff when referring to geography is a noun meaning a high steep bank or
Bluffs found inland are often devoid of plant life due to the arid conditions of plain life. Coastal bluffs on the other hand are full of rare, fragile organisms that grow sporadically
it is a messed up face.
Typically, a bluffer makes a bet or raise to get their opponents to fold, because they do not have a strong hand. Bluffs are usually more successful at no-limit poker where the risk
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