What Is a Blunt Person?


A blunt person is the type of a person who normally is not concerned about the feelings of others when he is talking. Blunt people are the type of individuals, who will proudly shout out the truth that everyone else fears.
Q&A Related to "What Is a Blunt Person?"
The word blunt in Spanish is "contundente". Is there anything else
A blunt is a cigar filled with marijuana. People buy cheap cigars, split them open, and dump out the tobacco. Then they replace the tobacco with marijuana, and wrap them back up again
I am Blunt person, and sometimes I just can't help it. I dont mean to be rude--but I have ALWAYS been this way, even when I was a child..It's just that, we call things as we see it-
Carry you home. 1973. Wisemen. You're beautiful. Primavera in anticipo.
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