What Is a Boa?


A boa is a large snake measuring between 1 and 4 metres in length. It is known as a boa constrictor, because it kills its prey by tightening itself around it until it suffocates. A boa can be coloured grey, olive green, black or brown. This snake is an excellent swimmer and can also climb very well.
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What Is a Boa?
Through the years, women have often counted on the flashy accessory known as a boa. The glamorous look, which is often made today of synthetic materials, was originally made from fur and included an animal's head and feet. Later, boas were made from the... More »
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The boa is thought to have been named for the boa constrictor, a reference to the snake charmers who wrapped snakes around their necks. Society matrons made a fashion statement by
The boa constrictor eats quite a varied diet of other animals. When it's a baby snake, it eats mice, small birds and lizards. But, as it gets bigger, it's menu expands to include
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1. Obtain the supplies. : Lamp. Thin feather boa. Hot glue gun. Scissors. 2. Spread newspaper on the surface area of your work station to avoid glue from dripping and ruining surfaces
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To care for a boa constrictor, you need to have a large cage because the boa constrictor is pretty big. Boa constrictors are arboreal so put some branches in there ...
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