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Bob is a common nickname given to people with the name Robert. In physics a bob is the weight at the end of a pendulum and it is also an acronym for Best of British which is a network of independent premier caravan, camping and holiday parks in the UK.
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a short, jerky motion: a bob of the head.
to move quickly down and up: to bob the head.
to indicate with such a motion: to bob a greeting.
to make a jerky motion with the head or body.
to move about with jerky, usually rising and falling motions: The ball bobbed upon the waves.
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A bob is a type of haircut that is in level with the base of the ears all the way around the head. The length and shape of an individual's face should be taken into consideration when choosing a bob hairstyle.
A bob is a short haircut. With this haircut, the hair is cut straight around the head to the about length of the jaw. In the front, there are bangs.
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An inverted bob hairstyle is a were the hairstyle that is shorter in the back and then is cut in angle that is cut to get longer toward the front in a motion that will be used to
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Bobbing is action of something that continually moves up and down. When you fish, you may have a bobber on the end of your line. When a fish strikes, the bobber ...
A stacked bob is a type of hairstyle. It is much like a conventional bob, but it provides added volume in the back. The stacked bob was made popular by Victoria ...
Bob hair cuts are classic hairstyles which seem to never go out of trend. The bob hairstyles still exist and the common basic bobs are; the sleek one-length cut, ...
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