What are body fossils?


A Body Fossil refers to the remains or imprints of plants or animals preserved from prehistoric times by the operation of natural conditions. These fossils are usually found in sedimentary rock, asphalt deposits, and coal and occasionally in amber.
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Bones are the most commonly found body fossils and are the main source of what we know about dinosaurs. The first dinosaur bone was discovered in 1818, but in 1858, William Parker
a body fossil is of course a body part- say a skull of a horse found in the wild west. This is proof of a dead animal. on the other hand a trace fossil is something like a footprint
Plants and animals from the Carboniferous Age formed coal. Fossil fuels formed during the Carboniferous Age, so named because of the large coal deposits that developed then. Part
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What Is a Body Fossil?
Fossils come in two types: trace fossils and body fossils. Trace fossils are footprints, teeth marks and nests, while body fossils include bones, teeth, claws and skin. The best-preserved body fossils are from the hardest parts of the body.... More »
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