What is a bodybuilder?


A bodybuilder is a person who deliberately engages in activities designed to strengthen and enlarge the muscles of the body through exercise. This term can also refer to a person or company that builds and assembles the bodies of vehicles.

According to Self Growth, bodybuilders attempt to maximize their muscle hypertrophy through a sufficient combination of weight training, caloric intake and rest. Professional bodybuilders compete in shows where they display their physique to a panel of judges, who then assign points based on the bodybuilders' appearance. Muscle growth is triggered by the tearing of muscle tissue through rigorous exercise. Muscles grow larger and stronger during rest as the muscle tears are repaired.

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The body needs protein and other nutrients in order to build muscle. If you are trying to pack on weight, you will need to consume as much as 1 gram of protein for every pound you
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The objective to bodybuilding varies from person to person. For many the goal is to build the maximum amount of lean, visible muscle and minimize body fat. To others it may be to
Bodybuilding:1:exercise that builds muscles through
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a person who practices bodybuilding.
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