What Is a Bolus Feeding?


Bolus feeding is a way of providing nutrition to individuals who will or cannot eat by normal means through a feeding tube. This kind of feeding is used on individuals who suffer from severe malnutrition, comas and anorexia.
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Bolus feeding is an intermittent feeding most similar to eating a periodic meal. It would be like receiving a dose, then waiting a certain number of hours and taking another dose.
Intravenous Where a bolus is placed is dependent upon the body's necessary contents, and their required systemic levels. A bolus that is directly given to the veins via intravenous
Bolus /bo·lus/ (bo´lus) 1. a rounded mass of food or pharmaceutical preparation ready to swallow, or
For young puppies you want to be sure to feed them a special blend of puppy food. This has different nutritional value than dog food. Whatever you do avoid feeding them table scraps.You
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