What Is a Botanist?


A botanist is a biologist that studies plants. Botanist started over 1000's of years ago when people needed to to learn if plants were edible, poisonous, or had medicinal use.
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A scientist who studies plants and trees and flowers e.t.c.
1. In high school, take courses that relate to this position, if possible. Suggested courses include math, chemistry, biology and enviornmental science. 2. Enroll in a college or
1. Earn an undergraduate degree in biological science. An undergraduate degree takes approximately 4 years to finish. Choose a biological science program offered at a college or university
A botanist is a biologist specializing in the study of plants. Do you have any more questions we
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a specialist in botany.
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A botanist is a person who studies Botany, the branch of science devoted to the study of plants and plant life. George Washington Carver was an innovative botanist who discovered new uses for peanuts and sweet potatoes, which helped poor farmers grow cash crops. You can find more information here: www.botany.org
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Botanists study all types of plants. Their studies cover growth, reproduction, population, commercial value, relationships between plants, and the biological structure ...
Botanist is a person who studies plants and there way of life. A botanist uses the following tools; microscopes, magnifying loupe, computers and pens and pencils ...
Mathias Schleiden was a famous German botanist and co-founder of the cell theory. He preferred to study plant structure under a microscope. ...
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