What Is a Brand Strategy?


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A long-range marketing plan for a specific brand, brand strategy uses identified details about target consumers to create a supportive marketing strategy that uses their preferences and brand expectations to maximize brand potential.
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A brand strategy is a plan for the brand that includes a determination of key audiences and an understanding of what the audiences need to know about that particular brand. Its main purpose is to make a product more appealing and compelling to its prospective customers.
A brand strategy is the process of creating a name, symbol or feature that uniquely identifies your organization or distinguishes your goods and services from your competitor. A good brand strategy will tell your customers and prospective clients what they can expect from your company, and better position your brands in a competitive market. To make your brand strategy more effective base, involve employees in its development and always develop your strategy around emotional benefits.
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Incorporating the look and feel of your organization in ALL realms of communication to a well-defined and targeted audience. With a vision of where you want to brand to go.
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We sell under the Bajaj brand. The only exception is Kawasaki with whom we enjoy a long-standing relationship - in some markets like the Philippines, Kawasaki sells our products under
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