What Is a Breathalyzer?


A breathalyzer is a device used to determine the alcohol content in an individual's exhaled air. It is popular with patrol police squads who use it to determine the alcohol content among drivers, and in the prevention of drunken driving.
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A breathalyzer is a machine that you blow into that can detect the amount of alcohol in your system. The machine is used by police departments across the country in order to provide proof of drunk driving.
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A breathalyzer is generally a handheld device used by law enforcement officers to find an estimated measure of blood alcohol content (BAC) from a breath sample. The actual name "
A breathalyzer measures the blood alcohol level in a person's blood. It is a scientific tool, when a person who has been drinking, blows for a certain period of seconds into a machine
1 Hyperventilate for 20 seconds prior to blowing into the breath machine will produce a reading approximately 11% lower than your actual BAC. Ad
Lifeloc Technologies, Colorado is the only breathalyzer manufacturer that makes professional breathalyzers for law enforcement use and also makes a personal breathalyzer using the
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There is no way of fooling a breathalyzer. If you drink and drive and get pulled over, that was your big huge mistake, and will fail any breathalyzer, unless you ...
Enforcements in law use the Breathalyzer, the breath analyzer, to approximate blood alcohol content (BAC) from the quantity of alcohol in respiration. The Legal ...
A breathalyzer test is administered using a device designed to estimate the blood alcohol content of a person. The test is often employed by officers to determine ...
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